August Books

It has been a slow month for books but I have read a few.

Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown:  I reread this book because I was responsible for leading a discussion at my Book Club.  It was just as great the 2nd time around.  For anyone who enjoys this “narrative” or “creative” style of non-fiction, it is one of the finest of it’s genre.  It joins “Seasbiscuit” and “Unbroken” as a wonderful depiction of life in America during the 1930s.   It is the compelling story of  a group of boys who came from no means in the depression ravaged Pacific Northwest to win the Gold Medal in rowing at the 1936 Olympics.  Amazing story, amazing writing and a tale of “heart”, perseverance, teamwork and all that made this generation of Americans so great.  *****

Longbourn by Jo Baker:  This should be renamed “Long and Boring”.  If you are a lover of Pride and Prejudice than what could be better than a new book about the Bennett’s, right?  Even if it is about the “downstairs” staff?  It is only the love of the Bennetts that will get you through this book.  It isn’t horrible but my time could have been better spent.  ** 1/2

You by Carolyn Kepnes:  This was supposed to be a hot new thriller from a new author which would be a great beach read.  NOT.  The characters were so creepy that I just wanted to get away from them as soon as possible.  I watch plenty of TV shows with male stalkers/murders of young females so it isn’t like I don’t appreciate a well done show or book with this theme.  For me, these characters had no redeeming characteristics, I didn’t care what happened to them and there wasn’t anything else happening in the book that grabbed my attention and made it worthwhile.  How it ended up on anyone’s summer must read list is beyond me.  *1/2


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