Golden Globes – Monday Morning Musings



The Golden Globes are awards given by a handful of Foreign Press reporters and rarely reflect what will happen at the Oscars. Given that, they can be fun in that they cover both Film and TV and often give out surprising awards to new and unusual picks for TV (in contrast to the Emmys). Once I get over my initial issues with the actual nominations, I can sit back and enjoy the fun although they ALWAYS make me crazy. The biggest complaint about the Globes is that they award “Stars” as opposed to the best performance and the 2016 awards were no exception.

Best Picture Drama: The Revenant wins. This movie was a good solid B movie but the HFP loved everything about it. Spotlight or Carol should have taken the top prize and the Oscar race has now become more complicated.

Best Picture Comedy: I guess it was a good strategy to place the Martian in the comedy group even if it was pretty far away from a comedy. Yes Matt Damon had a few funny lines but I have to believe that that comedy “purists” will be upset that Trainwreck didn’t win. That being said, I thought the movie was quite good and deserves some recognition.

Best Actor Drama: Leonardo Di Caprio wins and his performance was extraordinary. This should be the beginning of many awards for him this season.

Best Actor Comedy: Nice for Matt Damon to win. Other than the Martian not being a comedy, I have no issues with him taking home the globe.

Best Actress Drama: Brie Larson wins it and she was wonderful in Room. I loved all 5 performances in this category and each actress was deserving of the award. I can’t help but think that Cate Blanchet and Rooney Mara may have split the Carol vote and I was partial to Alicia Vikander’s moving job in the Danish Girl but all good here.

Best Actress Comedy: I think this was probably the second most glaring example of the HFP awarding a big star where it wasn’t necessarily the best performance. JLaw was quite good in this movie which was not a comedy but the comedic experts out there thought Amy Schumer should have been rewarded.

Best Director: Most of the experts this year picked Todd Haynes for Carol or Tom McCarthy for Spotlight but the HFP didn’t seem to care for either of these movies and it was another win for Alejandro Inarritu. He overcame great difficulty to get the Revenant completed but it will be interesting to see whether he wins the Director Guild Award.

Best Supporting Actress: In a surprise win, Kate Winslet takes home the globe for Steve Jobs – a movie the HFP rewarded far more than any other organization. In my opinion, Kate’s performance was ok but not nearly up to the level of Alicia Vikander who really deserved this award. Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren were probably more deserving as well.

Best Supporting Actor: I have not seen Creed so can’t really say anything about Sylvester Stallone’s performance but he was not even nominated for a SAG so I’m guessing that the love of the HFP for the “Star” power of Stallone powered him over the more deserving performance of Mark Rylance in Bridge of Spies, Paul Dano in Love and Mercy or Idris Elba in Beasts of No Nation.

Best Screenplay: This is one the Carol has been winning in all the Awards ceremonies so far but not the Globes. In another showing of “Steve Jobs” love, the Globe went to Aaron Sorkin. Now I really loved what Aaron Sorkin did with this screenplay and of all the awards the HFP bestowed on it, I thought this was probably the most deserved even if it did cause a Twitter backlash.

Best animated feature film: I don’t watch animated films after a non-stop diet of them from 1990 to 1998 when my kids were small so could care less that “Inside Out” won but I’m sure someone somewhere does.

Best original score: I thought the scores for Danish Girl and Carol were wonderful but there is a lot of love out there for Ennio Morricone’s score for Hateful 8 which won. It might be more an award for a brilliant body of work by this 87 year old composer but I don’t think anyone is complaining.

Best original song: Spectre won. Haven’t seen the movie or heard the song. 

Best foreign language film: I saw some great ones this year (Phoenix, Labryenth of Lies) but they weren’t nominated so can’t wait to see the winner of the Globe, Son of Saul , when it comes out. It is also the Oscar favorite.

Best TV drama: The thing that the Globes does better than the Emmys is to reward new fresh TV. Mr. Robot, the surprise hit of the summer was not the surprise winner of the Globe and it deserved to be recognized. It will be interesting to see if this award propels it to greater visibility.

Best TV comedy: I don’t really watch comedies but there are many people that do and they are probably the most crazed about this award going to Mozart in the Jungle which most critics think is only a fair to middling comedy. While the Globes did well in recognizing a new fresh show in best drama, this award seems to be off the charts strange. 

Best TV movie/limited series: In a surprise move, Wolf Hall beat Fargo as best limited series. I would have picked Wolf Hall over the others as I thought it was brilliant but it was nice to see that the HFP was willing to recognize it as well – maybe because it was “foreign”.

Best Actor TV drama: No one can argue this award going to John Hamm who was brilliant as Don Draper over 7 seasons of Mad Men.

Best Actor TV comedy: This was the other huge upset with the award going to one of the stars of Mozart in the Jungle over Aziz Ansari who all the critics were sure would win. Lots of controversy with this one among the people who like comedy.

Best Actress TV drama: I was very disappointed in the nominees for this category so I’m just as good with Taraji P. Henson winning for Empire as anyone else. 

Best Actress TV comedy: Not my thing and never heard of the winner, Rachel Bloom for Crazy Ex Boyfriends but apparently it has a lot of people scratching their heads.

Best Actor TV movie: I thought that maybe I was one of 10 or 15 people in the country who have seen the 6 hour HBO mini series “Show Me a Hero” but apparently a few of the HFP have as well as Oscar Isaacs won for his stunning performance. Hopefully they actually saw this and didn’t vote for him as one of the new Star Wars pheonons. 

Best actress in TV movie and here is the greatest travesty of all – the awarding of this Globe to Lady Gaga was clearly showing love for a mega super star vs the truly extraordinary performance by Kristin Dunst in Fargo. This one was ugly.

Best supporting actress TV. Last year the HFP unexpectedly gave the Best Drama to the Affair which wasn’t nominated at all this year. It wasn’t totally surprising then that they gave this acting Globe to Maura Tierney who was just great in the Affair Season 2. The other performances were all deserving but Tierney showed real acting chops this year.

Best supporting actor in TV. This was another “award to a big star” thing as Christian Slater took away the globe. His performance in Mr. Robot was ok but others in this category (Ben Mendelsohn in particular) had knock ‘em dead years. Perplexing.

All and all, a typical Globes “makes you crazy” event with some great red carpet moments and some awkward Ricky Gervais moments.
















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