Another Week of TV

Well another week has passed and the winter TV season is starting to come come in waves.  Below are some of the shows I caught this week including a couple of series premiers, a season finale and the return from break of a network show.

Making of a Murder (Netflix): I finally capitulated to all the hype and tuned into this Netflix real life crime drama. I loved Serial and the Jinx so why not. I’m through two episodes and really have just seen the set up for what will now be the murder trial.  I’ll report on this more as I get through it – hoping it is as good or better than Serial and the Jinx.

Colony (USA): I was excited about catching a new show that reunited Lost’s Executive Producer Carlton Cuse and Josh Holloway – even if it is another Sci Fi show with Aliens taking over the earth and the earthlings rebelling against them  (Terra Nova, Falling Skies ring a bell?). Holloway and Peter Jacobsen (House) are quite good but I am a bit worried about this one. I’ve had success with one Cuse post-Lost show (Bates Motel) and one disappointment (the Strain). If you aren’t a diehard Lost and Holloway fan, I think you’d probably be happiest if you pass on this one. For the rest of us, I’m hoping that this show will find it’s way and give us a character or plot that we can embrace.  I also hope Cuse and co. answers some questions – at present, everything is a “Lost-like” mystery.

The Good Wife (CBS) returned and I must say I’m less than thrilled with the ridiculous run by Peter for the Presidency. Not even the wonderful acting by Margo Martingale can save this plot line. It is bad enough that the Iowa caucuses are on the news 24×7; I don’t need my TV shows to go there as well. I’m slightly hopeful that with Peter’s crushing defeat that he will be out of the race by next week and we can move on. That being said, the performance of Julianna Margulies upon learning of Eli’s deceit and then being stuck on a bus in the Iowa cornfields was outstanding. She is just mesmerizing and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here. This is likely the last season of Good Wife given the ratings so I’m hoping Alicia goes out in true style. 

American Horror Story Hotel (FX) finished Season 5 this week. I missed Season 1 and 2 which were supposed to be very good. I have now watched the last 3 seasons and come to the conclusion that this is just not my thing. Not only do I not particularly care for the horror genre but I don’t think these past 3 seasons were worth all the blood and gore. There are some fine acting moments but not enough to hold me. In addition, there is apparently an over arching story line which connects all seasons. To appreciate this would require watching Seasons 1 and 2   which I just don’t have the strength for. Adieu American Horror Story , in a world of peak TV, I won’t be back.

Next week brings the season premier of the 100, the series premier of the newest CW super heroes show “Legends of Tomorrow” with Victor Garber, the series finale of Heroes Reborn and more returning shows.


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