TV: Nothing new this week but some shows returned etc.


Deutschland 83 (Hulu) – a history lesson for the Millennials – for others, watch the Americans

If you are already a fan of the “Americans”, you will enjoy Deutschland 83. Although it doesn’t have the gravitas or depth of the Americans, this Cold War German drama has much to offer. Martin, a young East German soldier is sent to West Germany to be a spy without any training. He does it because his mother needs a kidney transplant and his aunt (a spy) tells him that if he goes, she will be able to move his mother up the transplant list. Martin bumbles his way through the “spy” game with multiple other side plots that can sometime be somewhat soap -operish.

Deutschland 83 show some interesting film clips of the Regan cold war era from the German perspective. We also see the beginnings of the AIDs epidemic and the death sentence it meant at the time. For those born after the Berlin Wall came down, it provides an insight into what it was like to be young in 1980s Germany. I won’t spoil the end but I’m not sure where they are going to go with this show next season. Deutschland never takes itself too seriously and if you have 8 hours to kill, you could do a lot worse. Be forewarned however that you have to read the subtitles so if you are a multi-tasker while watching TV, this may not be the show for you 

Returning Shows:

The ABC Thursday night Shonda shows returned from their winter hiatus this week. I have decided to not continue with How to Get Away with Murder, as even Viola Davis can’t save this show for me.   I just can’t stand those students and could care less if they all are put in prison for life – in fact, the sooner the better. I need to cut down on Thursday night shows anyway as I am watching 7 hours of scripted dramas (why all the good shows are put on Thursday night I just don’t understand).  I will stick with Greys and Scandal however.

Greys came back with a horrific attack on Meredith. Can’t that woman ever cut a break? I have watched Greys since it began although I did miss a few years in the middle but it has come back strong these past couple of years with the exception of killing McDreamy. For ¾ of this new hour, Meredith can’t speak and for about 15 minutes or so, she can’t hear which means the show moves forward through silence. It wears thin quickly. The previews for next week show Meredith with PTSD. I’m not sure what this episode did to move the plot forward as there wasn’t resolution for any of the subplots. While Ellen Pompano’s acting was quite good, I’m not sure audiences are ready for more terrible things to happen to Meredith. Leave her alone and spread the wealth – there are a ton of characters in this show that would be fine candidates for a tragic storyline.

Scandal came back as well with twists and turns that were a bit shocking so I won’t spoil Jake’s new job. Suffice it to say that Abby got her mojo and Daddy is back as the master puppeteer. The guy has a lot more than 9 lives. Olivia’s wardrobe has moved from white to red and her personal relationships remain dysfunctional. The case of the week was a bit boring but it did lead to the ultimate twisty ending. Shonda is at her best with Scandal. You never know where she is going to go but it certainly is a fun journey.

There are some new shows premiering next week along with some returning (thank god John Oliver is back – I need him never to take a break again!) so I’ll update accordingly.


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