TV: Mr Selfridge, Daredevil, and the Catch premier; Colony ends.


It is a slow period in TV right now. We are between February and May “sweeps”; Most of the current shows are mid-cycle in their runs and we are waiting for some blockbusters to start in April. That being said, there are some premiers and finales to discuss.


Mr. Selfridge (PBS)

Mr. Selfridge returned for it’s final season. This is a story without a happy ending. Harry Selfridge, founder of one of the most successful department stores in history has been descending into a dark place over the last couple of seasons and it continues this season. You just have to check it out on Wiki to see how it all ends but apparently the Dolly sisters who are introduced in the premier have a big part in Harry’s financial downfall. This isn’t one of the greatest series in Masterpiece Theater’s history but it is solid. I really like Jeremey Piven and am invested in the series so I’ll be there until the bitter end.

Daredevil (Netflix)

Daredevil returned for Season 2 this week. I enjoyed Season 1 although it was pretty dark. The new season is even darker and more violent. I’m only a couple of episodes in but I’m concerned about the show. I have read that the latter episodes have a kick-ass Wonder Woman and are better so I’ll see if I can get through until then. In the meantime, I guess I will just try to look away during all of the “Punisher’s” (new villain) brutal attacks. Violence doesn’t usually get to me but it has to move the plot forward. So far I’m not seeing much of that but we’ll see where this goes. In the meantime, it is a good thing that Charlie Cox is easy on the eye and engaging as Daredevil. If they turn him into a bad guy (I’ve seen some theories on this), I won’t be happy! I’ll keep you posted on this one as I get through more episodes.

The Catch (ABC)

Pilots are generally not strong and the premier of Catch is no exception. Still, it is worth it just to see Mireille Enos smile and appear sexy after several years of “the Killing”. In that series, she wore the same Fair Isle sweater throughout each and every episodes while grimacing for the entire duration. I also like that Peter Krause is in something very different from Parenthood and I’m always happy to see Sonya Walger (Penny from Lost). In this show, Enos plays a private investigator that falls for Krause. When he disappears taking all of her money, her PI firm’s reputation is at stake and she sets out to find him. There is just enough here to keep me coming back for a few more episodes. I’ll update on this one after a few shows to see if it gets stronger.


Colony (USA)

When Colony premiered, it was expected to be a solid Sci Fy show. It started slowly with a lot of questions and not many answers, which wasn’t a shock given that Lost’s Carleton Cuse produces it. Some questions began to be answered as the show progressed  and the plot started a slow build toward the season finale providing moral dilemmas and good characterization along the way. The last show set up a lot of different threads for Season 2 including an introduction to Will and Katie’s son Charlie on the other side of the LA wall. I assume next season will explore Will’s search for Charlie in the Santa Monica underworld; Katie’s life without her family; explore who or what is watching Katie and Will’s house as well as Snyder and Nolan’s respective changes in status. The resistance is damaged but they will clearly be a factor. Hopefully next season, we’ll continue with the stronger character development and plot lines while continuing to answer questions. This could be a very good show but is still on the fringes looking in.








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