TV: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones (HBO) 

This week I’m not following my normal format for TV of “premiers” and “finales” as there isn’t much happening except the premier of Game of Thrones so I’ll dedicate this post to my favorite TV show. I’m not saying it is the best TV show – I’ll defer to the Americans or a couple of others for that – but for pure joy, I’ll go for Game of Thrones. It is the one show I look forward to each week and have to see at the same time as the East Coast viewers. I have read all the books so in previous seasons had a pretty idea of what would happen although last season, the producers started to deviate from the written word. This year, the show is has gone beyond the books, as George R. R. Martin has not been able finish up the new one so each episode is going to be something new and unknown for me and millions of others.

Sunday night was the Season Six premier and we didn’t find out a whole lot but I’ll say it was one of my favorite GOT premiers. The scenery and camera work were amazing – more like a feature film. These premiers are often not very good, as the seasons tend to progress slowly and culminate in a fantastic episode 8 followed by great finales in episode 10. The Showrunners have said that this is going to be the best season ever and if the first episode is any indication, they could be right!

So what happened (SPOILER ALERT)? Sansa and Theon somehow survive their fall but are recaptured and rescued by (no surprise) Brienne of Tarth. Arya is blind and begging on the street with the suggestion that she will learn to fight and be the new Daredevil. Dany has been captured by some new group of Dothraki and looks to be put into an old “widow’s” home while of course Ser Jorah finds her ring. Although the small patch of green within the ring of dirt from the horses made that somewhat plausible. Meanwhile back in Meereen, Tyrion is struggling to keep the peace while Dany’s fleet is burned in the harbor. Guess they won’t be going to Westeros soon. We had a brief glimpse of Dorne where the Sandsnakes killed Prince Doran and his son. Hopefully this could be the end of Dorne (least interesting plot line) unless Jamie and Cersei come to avenge the death of their daughter (they are in King’s Landing grieving for her).

And then there is Jon Snow. It doesn’t appear that he warged into Ghost as the direwolf is left in his prison howling for his master. It doesn’t appear that the “Red Woman” breathes life into him as she takes one look at him and leaves. Although, when she goes back to her room and takes off her magic necklace, she ages about a million years. This was an interesting twist but I wish she had used her powers on the Lord of Castle Black. Jon Snow appears very, very dead. Nothing could be more depressing. The writers killed off the best two theories on how Jon would return from the dead in one fell swoop.

So the stage is pretty much set for the Ladies of Westeros to kick ass although we didn’t see Bran or Hodor yet. Can’t wait for them to return this season. Can’t wait for next week!




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