Movie: The United Kingdom


The United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a good but not a great movie and along the way will give you some interesting history of Botswana that I suspect many people are unaware of.  David Oyelowo stars as Seretse Khama, a prince of Bechuanaland (now Botswana) who is studying in England in 1947 when he is called upon to return to his homeland to be King.  Unfortunately, he has met a white woman, Ruth Williams, played by Rosamund Pike and the two quickly fall in love.  Khama proposes to her and the British government gets wind of it and together with his uncle (who seems be the interim ruler) work their hardest to keep the couple from marrying.  Neither believe that a mixed marriage will advance their respective agendas in Bechuanaland.

They are unsuccessful and Khama and Ruth go to Africa as a married couple not supported by either the Brits, who do not come off well in this story, or the tribe.  Khama is subsequently exiled by somewhat nefarious means and Ruth stays behind so she too can’t be exiled.  There isn’t much doubt as to what the outcome will be yet Oyelowo and Pike are quite good and have a quiet chemistry.  Oyelowo gets the great speeches but Pike is fine as the suffering wife.  Together they are believable.  United Kingdom is a film you’ll certainly find enjoyable and historically interesting but it won’t win any Oscars.  The father we get from awards season, the less we seem to have good choices at the theater so this film is perfectly good way to spend an afternoon or evening.


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