It’s been awhile…..

I know that I have been remiss about blogging but the past few weeks have been very busy.  I can see now why people I have talked to say that the first few months or retirement, it just seems like you are on vacation although it sure hasn’t seemed like a vacation.  My primary focus has been the disposition of the Condo in NJ.  We are scheduled to close May 15th and I am up there now cleaning it out.  We were also up last weekend to sign papers and take two carloads home.  So far this week, I have had Habitat for Humanity pick up some of the really nice furniture that we don’t want to keep and College Hunks Hauling junk taking away appliances and furniture not good enough to donate.  Tomorrow the movers come for the few things we are taking to VA and then the cleaners on Friday and hopefully I’m out of NJ forever after that!

When I’m at home in VA, I have been doing doctor’s appointments and clearing out stuff that we don’t want to take Arizona.  I have been keeping up my daily trips to the gym and that all fills the days.  So far, there has been a lot of stress and just getting through the tasks at hand has been the focus of each day.  I look forward to getting settled somewhere and into a routine.  I know that I need to do something worthwhile with my life and I’m anxious to figure out what that is going to be.  I also really want to go back to school and take courses in things I’m interested in.  All that needs to wait though until we are moved and settled.  I wonder when that will be?

The other thing that is not quite settled is the finances.  Lots of work in rolling 401(k)s etc into an IRA and setting up accounts.  We both worry that we won’t have enough money but it is what it is.  It will be better when I have a sense of what the budget is and how to live within it.

The next thing to focus on is our trip.  We have a two week Alaskan cruise that leaves Memorial Day weekend. It is a very small ship and we will be doing a lot of kayaking etc and I have to ensure I have the right clothes and equipment etc.  We are taking off a week before the trip and visiting family up and down the West Coast.  I haven’t thought about or planned for the trip so, as I said, it’s day by day focusing on the task of the moment.

More to come!


So, in short, this has been a busy and stressful time.  I don’t think that the fact that I’m in retirement has really sunk in and there is just so much to do.  I look forward to having this all behind me and wonder what the future holds.